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…last Christmas…

Last Christmas evening … I sat down to try to sort of a little WordPress art page … just for me to keep my images on.  Little did I know that in a year over 4,200 views would be in the column on the right!  Thanks to all who keep checking the page and please do leave me a little comment!!  One of the highlights of my year was meeting Prince Seeiso Bereng Seeiso of Lesotho and he was presented with one of my paintings to mark  his visit to my place of work!! 

BIG THANKS to all who purchased paintings in 2011… lovely to know they are on walls in  NI, in the US, the Isle of Man and England too.  Thanks for your continued support and remember to check out my sister’s page too!!

2 thoughts on “…last Christmas…”

  1. Well done Mo on a great year’s work – and a great encouragement to me, I am really looking forward to seeing your new work in 2012 and who knows we may be able to get together for an exhibition – you never know!! xx

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