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Where are you?? Let me know!! :)


I love to hear where you all are… leave a wee comment and let me know!!  Thanks for checking in now and again…leaving lovely comments and being so encouraging !!  Blessings from me to you!


8 thoughts on “Where are you?? Let me know!! :)”

  1. Hi, Moyra . . . I’m in Northern California, just outside Sacramento. I’ve been living here for three years after previously calling San Francisco home. Originally, however, I’m from the UK!

    1. It’s been a joy to reach so many folk through this art page and I appreciate your support! Hope all well in Sacramento…sounds delightful!! A long way from your birthplace! Thanks again Simon!

    1. Oh…Maryland sounds like a lovely spot!! 1608…wow … some history there! Bless you for visiting my art site Susan…I’m enjoying looking at everyone else’s sites too!!
      Have a great wee weekend ahead… Moyra

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