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!Wow!! Over 6000 views … thank you for visiting!

About a 1,000 views within about a month…I can’t believe that people from – wait for it!!  UK, USA, Ireland, Canada, Netherland, Brazil, United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Indonesia, Lesotho, Thailand, Germany, Israel, Singapore, Spain, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Colombia, South Africa, India, Philippines, Australia, Turkey, Ecuador, Greece, Jamaica, Sweden, Iraq, Venezuela, Ukraine, France, Korea and even Iceland…have all visited!!!  THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!   

(The painting below was bought my a lovely friend – Nicola – and I am so pleased it has pride of place in her home!)

2 thoughts on “!Wow!! Over 6000 views … thank you for visiting!”

    1. thank you for that susan… it’s amazing that this painting had such a lot of amazing comments from people when they saw it! Lovely of you to leave another one!

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