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Will Kemp Art School – Check out this site!!

Will Kemp is an award-winning professional artist and teacher.
He has studied in Italy, ran his own art gallery, taught in museums and schools and shares his professional art secrets with me…and you!!! Check out his website!!

A number of months ago I posted a wee comment on Will’s site … I was asking about how to promote my art online and he kindly got back to me (very quickly too!) suggesting some great websites including Artists Helping Artists.  I decided to read through some of his wonderful articles online about acrylics (although Will also covers oils, drawings, colour theory and everything is so easy to understand!!).  I got such a lot of fantastic advice on his site and it works!! I now have over 7,400 views on this page and recently sold three more paintings and have commissions for a few more too!!

Check out some of Will Kemp’s own work as well!!  It’s wonderful when professional artists are willing to share their advice with us – thanks so much for all your ideas and online encouragement!! (and for the permission to use your site on my site!!)



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