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The Big Painting Challenge


Although i enjoy watching the BBC’s Big Painting Challenge and I know it’s a competition … but it can be soul destroying when these good amateur artists are torn down every week by the judges (I know they have to have an opinion). Someone on their facebook page commenting… ‘Such a promising idea….just so exasperated by the judges comments. Are they teachers? Their negativity is astounding! Criticism can and should be given in a positive, encouraging manner…not fault finding and crushing. This programme does not sit well and one can only feel pity for the way the contestants have been treated and let down.’ What do you think?

One of my aims is to encourage others to lift their own pens, pencils and paint brushes and start to enjoy their creativity again. If visual art isn’t your thing… then what about woodwork..sewing..sculpture…photography…crafting…poetry…creative writing … just get over the fear and try


4 thoughts on “The Big Painting Challenge”

  1. I have never seen The Big Painting Challenge but if it is on TV it is all about the ratings and ripping people up and tearing their art to pieces is probably considered more entertaining to viewers than constructive critiques. I don’t enter juried competitions anymore because I figure the judges are too set on what is ‘in’ than what is good art. I think that ‘in’ art is like the Emperor’s New Clothes – everyone has been brainwashed to accept it as good just because a few people who have some clout extoll whatever THEY choose. – I like your method better and that is what I try to do – but we are teachers aren’t we?

    1. I think you are right Val … so much on tv is about ratings! Yep…judges have their own ideas about what art is. In my opinion…there is no good art and bad…there’s just art! People benefit so much from it …it’s a shame that other people put them off ever doing anything creative. Thanks for stopping by and leaving that great comment! Have a wonderful week ahead! Mo

  2. I’ve been watching it, and getting quite wound up, its really not about how good anyone is, it’s more.. lets just see how bad they screw up and the ones with the least bad points can stay. And that Daphne Todd has Aspergers or something, seriously is she making up for all the bad critique she’s had over the years? I’m sure she’s had some with her cut and shut use of canvas and everything she paints having a pastey blue hue to it.
    I would not last five minutes in a competition like this, it’s hard enough to feel happy with your own work when it’s been done at your own pace in your own environment with your own choice of materials, but take all that away and give you an uninspiring subject matter and unnessesarely harsh judges, and the pressure of TV cameras, well, it all seems a little unfair.
    There will never be a piece of art that 100% of people like or appreciate, it’s all down to personal taste, unless you account for the art snobs that only like the trending artists, regardless of the content of the artwork, but that’s another rant waiting to happen!

    1. Thanks for your comments .. no – I wouldn’t like to be on the other side of their comments either. Some folk are never going to be using watercolour..or painting portraits…or big buildings. As you say we all have our own preferences for materials and subject matter. Keep on at your own pace and enjoy…enjoy..enjoy!! Have a wonderful week and thanks for dropping by 🙂 ! Moyra

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