About Mo!


X-perience Boudoir-1540




Moyra Blayney is a visual artist based in Belfast, Northern Ireland.  Working mainly in acrylics she is influenced by the Irish landscape and has a fascination with horizons and big skies.  Moyra’s art  is vibrant and textured and she creates paintings which are calm and atmospheric in feel.  Her paintings are in private collections in the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada and Africa.







Please feel free to leave a comment.. I would love to find out where you are!

3 thoughts on “About Mo!

    1. Lucy…thanks so much for your enquiry – there was one person who has also asked about the Murlough painting..I will double check and see if they are still interested and get back to you. Thanks for asking Lucy (do you live in N.Ireland or would you want it mailed to you if it works out?) 🙂 Mo

  1. Hell again Lucy… I have been in touch with the person who was interested and I think they are happier that I try to sell it on… if all goes well! You can either email me direct at moyrab@hotmail.com or message me at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Moyra-Blayney-Art/104329999690898?ref=hl … also please let me know if you are local ! It is quite a big painting …ready to hang if no frame is required .. sure let me know! Mo 🙂

    PS … A painting of this size usually sells in Ross’s Auction Art rooms for approx £100 but I can certainly give a £30 discount if this helps.

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