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Watercolour and Gouache Sale ….

and G O U A C H E

Have you got a special occasion coming up? Birthday? Anniversary? New home?

Why not treat someone to some O R I G I N A L art … instead of the usual mass produced prints?

Have a browse through those on sale and treat yourself or someone else to some Moyra Blayney Art (as seen on the BBC!!)

Thanks for looking!


Head over to Moyra Blayney Facebook page .

Details at each photograph … just put SOLD if you want to purchase …remember they are on a few different pages so check if you’re the first to bid…. then I’ll be in touch  !


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Passion for Impasto !!



  1. the process or technique of laying on paint or pigment thickly so that it stands out from a surface.
    • paint applied thickly.

    … I’m actually not too sure how my adventures in impasto started.  A friend of mine (Lynda!) bought me some nice new paint and it was calling out to be layered up and these are the results!


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    43877924_10156759297857959_3730933524761411584_n (1)

Art, Artwork, floral painting, Flowers, Ireland, Moyra Blayney, moyra blayney art, Moyra Blayney Art Facebook page, Northern Ireland, Northern Ireland Art, painting, Set up

Online Watercolour Sale – this Sunday!


… You are invited to my online Watercolour Spring Sale this

Sunday 18th March 2018 9pm GMT …

Why buy a print when you can treat yourself (or someone else!) a one of a kind original watercolour?

… remember there’s more people on the attending list – than there is artwork available.  First come … first served!

Watercolour Spring Sale

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…from the garden…to the wall!! :)

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Thanks to one of my Facebook chums – Joyce – who suggested perhaps trying a flower painting!  I love my summer basket and have tried to capture the vibrant colours, textures and shapes in this canvas.  It’s still drying but I’ve put it up on the wall anyway ! 🙂  This may be a little series of summery type art … I’m excited :)!

Art, Artwork, Belfast, Flowers, Ireland, IRISH ART, Irish-Art, Moyra Blayney, Moyra Blayney Art Facebook page, Northern Ireland, Northern Ireland Art

A commission just for me!! :)

I painted my back room over the weekend and had nothing to go on the wall…so I painted my own artwork this time! This is not quite dry yet and may never fully dry because of the thickness of the acrylic!! Definitely not my usual …never really painted flowers before but I really love this unusual dark blue canvas I bought recently!  What do you think? 🙂

blue canvas 004