These three frosty landscapes…

…are now hanging up in their new home in Texas, USA … thanks to Carla for this lovely photo.  I really like to see how you have them all framed up and arranged on your wall – thank you so much for letting me see them!! 🙂  Enjoy!!

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‘Art & Soul’ Charity Auction


The above abstract painting called ‘The Gathering’ will be up for auction on Thursday 9th March in Belfast (see below for details) or check out Ink Monkey Facebook page


Friday night painting….

new art 2015 009

…still drying!  A little bit of a different way of painting for me … light, brighter, calmer colours…not too textured – what you all thinK?

Snow? … not here!!



On the first day of 2015 … I’ve decided on a snow scene…but it’s actually quite mild here in N.Ireland!  What’s it like where you are?  Let me know in the comments … 🙂 .. Moyra