How creative has your Sunday been?


I’ve had such a great relaxing day …how about you?  I actually painted this on Friday evening with my new acrylic colours.  They are so vibrant and this is a very textured canvas … looking forward to using them again soon.  My brother in law said this is Errigal in the Mournes and I believe him!!  Please let me know what you are working on at the moment … !  Bye for now and enjoy your week ahead.     Mo x

(((((((G I V E A W A Y))))))))

Head over to Moyra Blayney Art Facebook page for the chance to win this big 12×12 inch canvas …acrylic landscape – LAVENDER DAWN – !!!  Can be posted worldwide so EVERYONE can enter 🙂 ….Yipee!!


Friday night painting….

new art 2015 009

…still drying!  A little bit of a different way of painting for me … light, brighter, calmer colours…not too textured – what you all thinK?

Snow? … not here!!



On the first day of 2015 … I’ve decided on a snow scene…but it’s actually quite mild here in N.Ireland!  What’s it like where you are?  Let me know in the comments … 🙂 .. Moyra