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Make a lovely coffee….

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….sit back …put on Classic FM and let this little slideshow of artworks ease you into a relaxing Sunday … ahhhhhhhhh!!

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Yucky weather outside!!

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april 15 055

…so I decided to paint a nice Spring-like painting this evening!!  It’s on the wall …drying!! :)

Have a lovely creative May-day weekend… I will.  Mo

Spring into Art!!

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I’m going to try out some new colour combinations in my paintings this season.  I always play it safe using earth colours but I kind of like this lemon tinted sky in this new canvas of Rathlin Island (still drying!) … what do you think?

The Big Painting Challenge

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Although i enjoy watching the BBC’s Big Painting Challenge and I know it’s a competition … but it can be soul destroying when these good amateur artists are torn down every week by the judges (I know they have to have an opinion). Someone on their facebook page commenting… ‘Such a promising idea….just so exasperated by the judges comments. Are they teachers? Their negativity is astounding! Criticism can and should be given in a positive, encouraging manner…not fault finding and crushing. This programme does not sit well and one can only feel pity for the way the contestants have been treated and let down.’ What do you think?

One of my aims is to encourage others to lift their own pens, pencils and paint brushes and start to enjoy their creativity again. If visual art isn’t your thing… then what about woodwork..sewing..sculpture…photography…crafting…poetry…creative writing … just get over the fear and try


Are you being creative today??

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I need at least another 24 hours in my weekend to do all the things I like to do!!  Have you time to be creative and if so – what crafts/art/baking/woodwork/flower arranging/whatever! do you do?  Let me know either in the comments or over at my Facebook page!

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