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Home sweet Home


Thanks to Marion… Gabriel and Marie for sharing these photos of my artwork in their homes!!  It’s just thrilling to see it on the walls – makes it all worthwhile 🙂  … you can click on the photo itself to see the photos in more detail!

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Need a Christmas Present?

Promised myself I would clear up my art room … and look what I found – a dozen or so paintings looking for new homes!! If you message me with your upcoming friend/family birthday or Christmas present budget (+ postage if required) – I’ll suggest some that might fit. No obligation Look at their wee faces – they need loving homes before Christmas! A piece of artwork is for life !!art for sale

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Well done to Denise’s Boxes …for reaching 5,000 views!!!

Well done to my sister… Denise McDowell …

…whose assembled art boxes page has just reached 5,000 views!! WELL DONE AND WELL DESERVED!! 🙂