Pet Portrait completed

Last month a lovely lady donated a lot of money on an online charity auction for Dementia UK – for a pet portrait. It was a lovely challenge to draw a cat (which I have never tried before!) and I came up with two different artworks (she had donated such a large amount that it seemed only fair to send two!). So glad to say that she loved both!

Etsy store now open!

If you need a special Christmas gift this year – for that person who has gone the extra mile – then you have come to the right place! Head over to the Esty store for Moyra Blayney art and have a browse! I can personalise inside the floral wreaths with an initial, name or quote of your choice! Just pop the original artwork in a frame and that’s one gift bought! Thanks for looking!

New ideas needed! :)

Sometimes I get to the point of running out of new ideas for artworks – I go through various themes

Florals – Sunflowers – Roses – floral watercolour wreaths etc

Landscapes – Mountains – Seascapes

but I’d love some inspiration – so if you can help please do!


Mindfulness art for stress relief

Click on this for full article


Featured Artist – Mark Bonello


Has your art changed over the years?

My art has changed dramatically. Ever since I began painting for myself and looking at the kind of art that moved me. My pallet really changed. Much more subdued.

How do you choose your subjects?

I’d say my subjects choose me rather than me choose it. I have loads of locations saved on my sat nave that I’ve perhaps visited and seen something that’s caught my eye. Either an interesting building, landscape or light. Usually I’ll write notes of what time of day to go back to paint it. What it was that caught my interest. Colour, light etc.

I’m really fond of obscure subjects. Derelict buildings, bleak landscapes. I’m drawn to landscapes that somehow feels they have something to reveal.

What’s the best art advice you’ve been given and how do you apply it?

That’s an easy one. JUST PAINT BOY!!! Vincent Van Gogh – For me the hardest periods are about 2 weeks after completing a painting, when the buzz has worn off and I find myself without my next painting lined up. For me there’s nothing worse. I feel completely lost at sea and get very unsettled. But I’m beginning to learn my lesson. I now try and make sure I’ve got my next painting lined up and prepped.


How long can one artwork take to paint?

I paint quickly. But this last painting I did had lots of figures in it so it took time. But some of my best paintings have been the ones I’ve done quickly. I’ve become much more patient when painting. This has mostly come from having more technical skill and preparation with mixing my colours. So from a week up to a month.


Do you think appearing on BBC NI The People’s Painters has given you more confidence to share your art?

Being on tv helped definitely. But in ways I didn’t expect. I’ve learnt to paint only for myself. I didn’t really like being told what to paint but being made to choose subjects I wouldn’t usually has made me realise that the subject isn’t what makes a painting successful. I used to spend WAY too long looking for the ‘“perfect “ subject.

Thanks to Mark for his willingness to be included as featured artist.  If you want to see more of Mark Bonello’s art please click on the links below…











Oldies …but goodies!! :)

big painting! 009185-426 (1)cropped-sunflower-field.jpgpictures 16175968_130428232958_1273475_nimages (11)art autumn 015xxxxpaintingxxxdec 12 art 007

My passion …

….for teaching and encouraging creativity just keeps growing stronger 🙂 !  There’s nothing quite like letting another person create their own artwork – with just a little bit of ‘advice’ along the way.  The ladies last night were just so fantastic …lots of colour and smiles as we held up the finished watercolours …wonderful!

Many thanks to one of the participants – Jenny – for these kind words…

After spending the evening with Moyra and good friends, I’m definitely feeling chilled out. I’m not a natural artist but Mo helped me relax and with her expert guidance I was able to create a piece of art that I’m very proud of. Thank you Mo, your class is definitely something I’d recommend to anybody looking to take a few hours to themselves.

(((If you (and some friends or colleagues) are interested in an informal class in a venue of your choice in Greater Belfast – please message me for details … Moyra Blayney Art)




Watercolour and Gouache Sale ….

and G O U A C H E

Have you got a special occasion coming up? Birthday? Anniversary? New home?

Why not treat someone to some O R I G I N A L art … instead of the usual mass produced prints?

Have a browse through those on sale and treat yourself or someone else to some Moyra Blayney Art (as seen on the BBC!!)

Thanks for looking!


Head over to Moyra Blayney Facebook page .

Details at each photograph … just put SOLD if you want to purchase …remember they are on a few different pages so check if you’re the first to bid…. then I’ll be in touch  !


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