…from the garden…to the wall!! :)

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Thanks to one of my Facebook chums – Joyce – who suggested perhaps trying a flower painting!  I love my summer basket and have tried to capture the vibrant colours, textures and shapes in this canvas.  It’s still drying but I’ve put it up on the wall anyway ! :)  This may be a little series of summery type art … I’m excited :)!

No brushes to clean!!

I didn’t really want to get all my art stuff out this evening …so came up with a landscape and used the sewing machine instead of a brush .. !! First time for everything and no brushes to wash!!

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Spring into Art!!


I’m going to try out some new colour combinations in my paintings this season.  I always play it safe using earth colours but I kind of like this lemon tinted sky in this new canvas of Rathlin Island (still drying!) … what do you think?